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Half Marathon Training Tips for First Timers


Hit the ground running with the Santa Barbara Veterans Day Marathon & Half presented by Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation

By Jon Parra, Odyssey Online

If you have ever thought about running a half marathon? The time is now! Santa Barbara is host to one of the country’s best marathons. The Santa Barbara Veterans Day Marathon & Half presented by the  Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation is the perfect course for first time runners with beautiful weather and a moderately flat course. Our tribute to honoring veterans will inspire you to run with us year after year.

The Final Mile lined with people and American Flags to cheer runners onThe thought of running a half marathon can be intimidating, so running coach and race director, Dan Campbell and I have put together some pointers to help you get started and mark that marathon off your bucket list.

1. Develop a mindset that you are going to get to your goal and the starting line!

Completing a half marathon is an extremely gratifying accomplishment that will create a memory for you that will last a lifetime. Training for any event comes with challenges. Identify these challenges with determination and a realistic plan of attack. I am believer that your body will stand up to any challenge that your mind determines worthy. Be mentally determined, train safe and the results are sure to come. Just do it!

2. Get the right running shoe for YOUR foot, there are three basic types of running shoes; motion control, neutral, and stabilizer/supportive.
Appropriate running shoes will help to reduce injury. Some running socks can also add to a more comfortable training.

Runners enjoying the support from the crowd

Go to a reliable running shoe store that has the appropriate equipment to help determine your type of foot. If the store does not have the equipment, make sure that the sales associate understands foot wear and your shoe needs based on their assessment of your gate and foot strike. This a service that shoes stores provide. You should not feel obligated to buy anything from them.

Be cautious of becoming a GEARDO! It is easy to get sucked into buying equipment that you do not need! Remember, all that you need is a positive attitude and determination.

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